DropLess Waterproof Case

Introducing the perfect solution for hands-free phone usage in the shower - the Shower Phone Holder! Designed to securely hold your phone while you bathe, this innovative product is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay connected while enjoying their daily hygiene routine.

The Shower Phone Holder is made from high-quality, water-resistant materials that are designed to withstand the humidity and moisture present in your shower. It features a strong suction cup that can easily attach to any smooth surface in your shower, and an adjustable arm that can be positioned to your desired height and angle.

The holder itself is compatible with most smartphones, and can accommodate devices of various sizes. It securely holds your phone in place, protecting it from water damage while allowing you to access all of its functions.

With the Shower Phone Holder, you can listen to music, take calls, watch videos, or even check your emails while you get ready for the day. And when you're finished, simply detach the holder from your shower wall and store it away until your next use.

Say goodbye to dropping your phone in the shower or having to prop it up on a ledge where it's at risk of getting wet - with the Shower Phone Holder, you can enjoy hands-free phone usage in the shower like never before!

Why Choose Us?

At DropLess, we strive to give our customers the best products for the cheapest prices. Our waterproof case is meant to change the shower from being a "chore" to a fun task! You are able to watch shows, watch movies, listen to music and even check social media without getting a single water droplet on your phone! If you want to save your phone from permanent water damage, then DropLess has you covered.


- DropLess Waterproof Case

- Sticky Holder (holds up to 4 lbs)

For comparison, heaviest iphone (iPhone 14 Pro Max) is 1/2 pounds.

Your Phone Will Thank You!

The DropLess Waterproof Case is sealed tight allowing no water into the case. Overtime, water damage largely affects phones. Research shows that water damage doesnt have immediate affects but will later ruin the battery life or even affect the charging of your phone! Protect your phone today!

No Limits!

The DropLess Waterproof Case has absolutely no limits! While originally designed to protect water damage while in the shower, it can be used anywhere! If you want to watch your favorite movie while doing the dishes, stick the case to the wall and watch! At a summer party and want to show off your case? Throw it in the water and watch the faces your friends will make!

Tons of Benefits!

With the DropLess Waterproof Case, you will experience the following...

- Clean Filters and Charger Ports

- Quick, Sensitive Touch Screen

- 0% Water Damage Overtime

- Unlimited Entertainment

Why Waste Time?

Currently, your Phone could be in a bad condition due to water damage from your shower. To save your bank account from taking a large hit, its safer to play it safe. You can watch your favorite shows from eye level withough having to worry about the issues surrounding water damage. Still not convinced? Check the product reviews below!